Building a Website

There are several steps that go into building a website. And we are here to help you with each step.

  • Step One is Securing a domain name.
  • Step Two is Setting Up Website Hosting.
  • Step Three is Installing Wordpress on your hosting server (and WooCommerce if needed)
  • Step Four is Adding the Content to your website (text and images)
  • Step Five is revealing your website to the world

Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Steps One & Two – We will help you select a domain name and register it with our preferred hosting company, Hostgator.
  • Step Three – We will install Wordpress/WooCommerce on your Hostgator server account
  • Step Four – We will get the textual content for your website from you, find tune it, and add it to your site, as well as the right images to complement it.
    • If you need an commerce site, we will add your categories and products to your site, The exact number will be include in your quote.
  • Step Five – We launch your website.

Ready to get started?